Imagine walking people through your story - literally. Carry your iPad through a forest and read your story about a knight’s journey as you walk among the trees. Or take your readers through the streets of Philadelphia, where your story of the history of our nation unfolds. Or perhaps you’re a software developer and your book tells us how to become savvy app developers ourselves. You can walk us through the process step by step while potential readers are having coffee with friends or waiting in an airport.

As cyberspace progresses, our experiences online are becoming more and more interactive. GuruTapas facilitates the interaction by helping readers and authors communicate with each other in a media-rich environment.


These capabilities are still under development. View the ‘Authors’ and ‘Bookworms’ pages and play around with the site to view the current capabilities.

Authors FREE web site: When you sign up as an authors on GuruTapas, upload a pdf file of your ebook, enter information about your book, add your own photos, blog, and automatically obtain a Ustream account. Presto, your own web site! Your eBooks are always available for purchase whether you are hosting an event or not.

Anyone can be a fan: Sign up to be a fan of many authors and hang out with other fans. When you’re participating in an online event, icons representing each of the fans at the event will appear in a scroll list. Find out more about them by clicking on their profiles. Offer friendship and go with them to other book clubs and readings.

Authors give lives talks from anywhere: Broadcast live through webcam, iPad, or smartphone. Receive questions from fans via voice or text chat. Carry your fans with you wherever you go!

Fans have a fun time hanging out: When an author is online, fans listen and watch the livestreaming talk together and type questions to the author. Bookworms can also hold their own live online bookclub meetings through webcam, iPad, or smartphone. Carry your book friends & favorite authors wherever you go!

Authors grow their fans virally: Fans invite their friends to your author event. While your fans are attending other authors’ events, other fans can read their profiles and become one of your fans!

Calendar of Online Events: Authors will post their upcoming talks on the main calendar. Booklovers can post online book discussions that they’ll host through their Bookworms page. The calendar of talks and discussions will be featured on the GuruTapas home page.

This site is still in alpha stage development.

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